On The Issues


Our economy is strong. This is in part due to our efforts to keep Lee County open during the pandemic. While other communities shuttered the doors of private businesses, here in Lee County we trusted our small business owners to make the best decisions for their businesses. As a result, jobs are plentiful and wages high for Lee County residents.

I will remain dedicated to keeping a business-friendly environment in Lee County that encourages entrepreneurs to invest in our community and create good, high paying jobs. By keeping taxes low and getting government out of the way, we will continue to see our economy grow.

Individual Liberties

Our nation was founded on the belief of a limited government and individual liberties. Although liberals in Washington DC spend their days looking for more ways to control Americans, in Lee County we trust in the people and follow the Constitution. We rejected forced mask mandates and kept our economy open throughout the pandemic.

I am guided by the founding principles of this great nation and will never waiver in my belief in freedom. I will always fight to protect your rights from any attempted government overreach.  

Public Safety

As cities and counties across the nation reap the consequences of the defund the police movement, here in Lee County we enjoy the one of the lowest crime rates in all of Florida. This is no coincidence as we have made a concerted effort to fund, not defund, law enforcement and ensure they have every resource necessary to keep you and your family safe.

I am proud to have the endorsement of Sheriff Carmine Marceno and am committed to working closely with him to keep Lee County safe for our residents, visitors, and businesses. The brave men and women in law enforcement serve our community with honor and deserve the utmost respect, which they will always have from me.


My record on taxes is clear. We’ve reduced property tax rates and I have consistently fought against higher taxes and fees.  Lower taxes means more money in your pocket, which results in a stronger economy with more jobs and better wages.

I will continue to look for ways to lower your taxes, while opposing those that wish to take more of your hard-earned money. Your money belongs to you, not the government!


We have worked hard and made difficult choices to create a balanced and fiscally conservative budget by cutting spending and reducing debt while strengthening our reserve funds. These decisions enabled us to provide lower property tax rates across Lee County.

I will always look for ways to make our government operate more efficiently and effectively, cut unnecessary spending, and base our budget on the priorities of our residents, rather than the desires of bureaucrats. 


Our unique environment, beaches, and waterways drive our economy and offer an unrivaled quality of life.  Few other communities have their economy so closely linked to the environment.  We have preserved an unprecedented amount of environmentally sensitive land protecting them for future generations to cherish and enjoy, and we continue to make great strides on water projects which address both quality and flooding issues.

I remain committed to protecting our environment and finishing the projects that protect our estuaries and supply the needs of our growing community. Success depends upon partnerships at the local, state, and federal levels along with a strong voice fighting for Lee County. I have forged the relationships we need to secure those partnerships and will continue to fight to ensure Lee County’s priorities are met.